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virtual reality

When you look around and all of a sudden you see everyone using Virtual Reality you’re probably thinking why it took so long for people figure out how to put their head inside a box that takes them into another world.

Well, turns out it didn’t actually take so long and did not necessarily need you to put your head in a box. The concept of Virtual Reality has been around since the 1950’s – starting off with painting murals on all the walls of a room for the viewers to really grasp the surroundings, moving on to flight simulators, the sensorama and so forth.

Finally, after arcade machines and Nintendo virtual boy, Nintendo Wii and The Oculus rift, came the affordable and easy to use Google cardboard and Samsung’s VR Gear.

So how come all of a sudden VR is the next big thing? It has been the next big thing since the 1950’s…

Are we late? Are we ignorant? Or are we just overlooking the importance of how to market the product?

Today, virtual reality is used to live stream events and let customers get a feel of the event that’s going on, to help children understand concepts better, to personalize games, ads and even transport people to a new city, town or planet.

There has been a rise in the number of mainstream customers interested in the concept of virtual reality. A study by Nielsen’ Media Lab showed that 24% of mainstream consumers said they will likely use or purchase VR in the next year. Another 20 percent said they don’t plan to try it, but expressed increased interest after learning just a little about the basics.

This study, when compared to the mentality of the 1960-70s shows that there has been a rapid growth in the acceptance and usage of Virtual Reality.

So what caused this widespread use and acceptance of this technology?

Since the advent of gaining profits by focusing the product on consumer satisfaction, tech giants like Apple, Google, Yahoo and Facebook started allowing their customers to personalize their homepages. In todays world, where you are given the privilege to customize just about anything, it is but obvious that consumers are hooked because Virtual Reality is a suitably abstract concept that we can all interpret it to suit our imaginations. And, to top it all off, it is constantly revolving.

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