Rediscovering Technology with RFID

Technology is on a constant roll to make our lives easier and I am not one to complain. Turns out, we now have refrigerators that not only send you emails when you are out of a particular item, but also place orders for you. No more trips to the supermarket needed I guess.

The Radio Frequency Identification tags, usually better known, as RFID tags are a technology most of us have heard of, yet, few of us know about – we all know Salik don’t we?

Rumor has it; they have been called the ‘Duct tape of this generation’. But quite simply put, RFID tags are small chips that carry data and work in much the same way as barcodes – creating communication between a tag and a reader. Well, apart from the fact that, from making sure golf balls don’t get lost to tracking cows, these things are doing it all!

In the form of edible tags and fancy wristbands, RFID tags are becoming increasingly popular amongst event planners. Say, you’ve got an event to plan and have all kinds of details to deal with – registration, sponsors and social media being only a few. Let’s have a look at how RFID tags would make this all easier.


  1. There are hundreds of visitors flocking in to your event and you need to accommodate them all – fast! A quick tap of their band and you’ve got almost non-existent queues, no hassle of fraud tickets and a live update of your venues capacity.


  1. Social media awareness of an event in todays time has become vital and RFID tags are here to, once again, make your life easy.  The visitors can ‘check in’ at booths around the venue, share pre-determined content and even upload photos straight to their social media accounts simply with the tap of a band.


  1. How many event planners can say they had a tangible return of investment to show their sponsors while the event was going on? With RFID tags you can now do exactly that! As the event attendees visit the sponsor booths, with the tap of a band the sponsors can acquire all their information, keep track of the footfall and provide a unique engagement all in one.


Happy visitors and happy sponsors mean a happy event planner.


Happy planning, Happy tapping!

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