PurpleGlo – In a Nutshell

In todays era, we’ve all come to a point where there is little or no difference between your digital life and let’s see, how should we put it – real life? Remember those days when you allowed yourself a set number of hours on the Internet? And now? Your phone has basically become your life support system.

Let’s face it. Distinguishing the digital and physical world apart has become not just next to impossible, it is now, almost .. unnecessary. This, speculation, came to Christine Dwairi several years ago. So, 21 year-old Christine, straight out of college, set out to bridge the gap between the digital and physical world.

Always having been one to embrace innovation, she understood that it was time to take technology further than Smart Phones and Powerpoint presentations. After exploring quite a few options, Christine stumbled upon the technology and brought it to us as the BlackBox Social Media Printer.

Great things often start small and in much the same way, PurpleGlo was born. It all started off with just the BlackBox Social Media Printer and then branched out to offering complete digital and experiential solutions, all while staying true to its core belief that any idea can come to life.

The color Purple combines the true essence of blue and the fierce energy of red and we at PurpleGlo, in much the same way, strive to retain the crux of Marketing while adding the eccentric touch of creativity. Ever used a Blower Photo Booth to promote a racing car? Or a motion game to teach Water Sustainability? We have.


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