Digital Activations

At PurpleGlo we love to play! With our latest product development, Touch and Motion Activations, you can turn everyday items around you into interactive adventures and experiences.
Want your guests to interact with your product virtually using gestures? Or want to play video games with items found around the house? How about using your entire body as a video game controller?
The possibilities are endless! Contact us with an idea you would like executed and we will provide you custom made solutions that compliment your brand, and will leave your guests wanting to play.

Interactive AR Scanner

Motion Game Vending Machine

Bike Powered Activations

“Run Till The End” Treadmill Challenge

“Emma Says” Interactive Screen

“Slash Them If You Can” Motion Game

Digital Slingshot

Virtual Reality

Gesture and Motion Activations

Touch Activations

Augmented Reality

Digital Graffiti wall

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