Photo Experiences

PurpleGlo’s BlackBox product line offers consumers fun, interaction, and lasting memories. More than just a photo booth, our BlackBoxes are easy to use and completely customizable. All BlackBox activations include full branding, delivery and set-up, a BlackBox representative to facilitate during the event, unlimited prints (where applicable), and a complete analytics report including all event…

Social Media Activations

Make liking, hashtagging and instagramming much more interesting for your consumers! By using your custom brand, our specially programmed social media machines will offer your choice of prizes or products. Our social media machines are custom built, and always provide a unique and unexpected brand experience.

Digital Solutions

At PurpleGlo we love to play! With our latest product development, Touch and Motion Activations, you can turn everyday items around you into interactive adventures and experiences. Want your guests to interact with your product virtually using gestures? Or want to play video games with items found around the house? How about using your entire…

Creative Workshops

Stand Production

Offline Activations