Social Media Vending Machines on the rise!

A vending machine that doesn’t take money?! That’s right!

Social Media vending machines are on the rise, and to keep up with the trend you should know more about them!

Companies spend enormous amounts on marketing. Depending on the size of the business or the location, the percentages can go from 2% up to 20%. With the rise of Social Media and digital platforms, marketing has gotten a lot more interesting recently and Purple Glo are on the doorstep of the experimental marketing revolution.

Why should you and your company consider investing time and money in experiential marketing?

Because the consumers demand it. A nice logo and a billboard on the highway just isn’t enough anymore. People today want to experience new things and be able to interact with the brands they love.

What can the Social Media vending machine do to benefit me as a company?

Everybody loves freebies. This technology hones existing marketing concepts and caters them to a digital first world. A social media vending machine helps create brand awareness, both online and offline; while offering consumers an interactive and inclusive way to take home a gift.

Okay, okay, it sounds decent, but how does it work?

First of all, it is not magic. It only works if you DO take social media seriously, and have at least one platform frequently curated by yourself or a social media marketer.

Once you have all that, it’s a piece of cake! Choose an event or a location, where you know your company’s audience would show up and then pop your machine up in a sweet spot. The machine looks like a normal vending machine, but doesn’t take money. It takes ‘likes’, ‘followings’ and ‘hashtags’ instead of coins. You can instruct people to do any of the above related to your company, and then the magic happens. They get an instant freebie.

That’s not the end of it. You can customize your vending machine however you wish, incorporating touch and motion games to release products, where players need to reach a score to get the item.

How is this better than a promoter giving away the items?

You create a buzz and excitement around your brand. You can communicate to the world that your company knows how to be fun and engaging.

Imagine all the posts, shares and conversations on online platforms. For a short period of time you get your own little army of social media marketers.

This is only where the journey begins. There is a lot more you can do to extend your social interaction. You can encourage consumers to post selfies with branded products to participate in contests and much more.

With a growing amount of consumers demanding more from brands; Social Media vending machines are a natural transition for businesses to venture in to the experiential marketing world as they take advantage of familiar social media platforms making engagement a smooth and rewarding process.

Why not give it a try on your next event!?