Happy New Year!

January 28th

February 26th

March 28th

April 13th

September 11th

Now you’re probably wondering what all these dates are. Would it surprise you to know that these, just like the largely celebrated January 1st, are all the start of a New Year? That almost every month of the calendar is celebrating a “New Year” somewhere in this world? From hiding knives and painting doors red to hitting walls with bread, people all across the globe have their own special way of celebrating their new year and the best part is, they do it when they please.

That having been said, we thought that now is a good time as any to wish everyone out there a very happy new year!

We are all for new beginnings but its almost pitiable that a maximum of 24% people really achieved their resolutions last year and a mere 38% even kept them up till halfway through the year.

Resolutions are simply promises. Promises to better. Now we think its safe to say that resolutions can be formed at any time of the year and that maybe we should start using more events as motivation to set new resolutions. How about the 50th Saturday of the year or your cousins’ friends’ husbands birthday? That, to us, sounds like a good enough occasion to form a new resolution.

That’s why, at PurpleGlo, you will at any time of the year find us with our hands full and heads bent – experimenting, researching, innovating and improvising. We have promised our clients and ourselves to keep the excitement going and most importantly, to keep resoluting!

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