Freeing your inner artist

Lately we have been involved on campaigns and events catering to younger generation. This has made us achieve great experience in dealing with children and driving their creative talent towards creating crafty creative items. 

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Every time we make it our mission to provide new workshop ideas and creative ways to excite people in the most experiential and creative ways. Our activations help in driving the creative minds of children and adults.

There are situations where a creative craft workshop experience is a perfect fit. These are times when parents usually linger around shops, cafés and restaurants (drop and shop experience) or sometimes we encourage them to join the kids and experience the fun. 

Our expertise lie in creating experiences and activations to bring excitements and entertainment to the venue therefore it is very important for us to bring imagined ideas alive. This is how we created our Interactive AR Scanner Product “Imagination Alive”. Initially developed to cater to the younger minds to bring their imagination to reality using digital technology, we later realized that we are all have creative children within.

We love to see happy faces of children and adults when they are in the process of creating the images that mingle their minds using the supplies and means that we provide.We not only create a relaxing, fun atmosphere but also keep a learning environmentwhere they learn new skills and techniques.

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Many professional adults do not have time or means to create anything other than schedules, excels, presentations and so on. Usually adults are shy about using colouring books and learning craft skills and tricks and leave it for the children.However, our Interactive AR Scanner provides opportunity to not just create but free your mind from all the stress of a busy life; meditate and enjoy the moment.

Image of our AR scanner activation in action

Our Interactive AR Scanner is a very crowd pulling activation engaging multiple age groups. All you have to do is draw your imagination on a piece of paper, scan it and we create the reality for you. You can colour it the way you want, go crazy on the colour combinations and see how it looks live, animating on the digital screen.

Through this activation, we create a theme based storyline and provide people with character stencils and images to go with the storyline. All you have to do is fill it with colours and scan.

We would like all of us to be the ambassadors of a movement for creativity and not to shy away from experiencing and creating. We would like to encourage adults to take part in as many creative activities as they can, because we want our digital experience to be open to all. This will help shift the focus on creating and will leave the everyday problems behind and calm their minds from the busy life they have.

Colouring, for years now, have been a stress reliever which is why researchers, art therapists and schools encourage it. We are taking a step forward and encouraging this according to what people would be interested in the 21stcentury- By Digital Means. Working in the experiential marketing field gives us a great opportunity in studying and witnessing human reaction and we build upon these experiences and learn from them. We know that inside there is a child in every adult wanting to try, interact and experience the world to its fullest. We hope to open up the excitement about colouring with this new product of ours and hope to incorporate it in many upcoming creative events. 

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