Collaboration, Not Replication.

How many times have you come across an article that starts with a quote?

Keep counting ..

Alright, you can now add one more to the list.


There are multiple others that go along the lines of many hands making lighter work and how unity is strength and I’m not one to challenge that but who says you have to all be working together on the same thing at the same time. It could be 10 years apart for all I know. Confused? Read on.

I really do wonder who came up with the concept of collaboration. Cross-pollination. Co-production. Call it what you may, the point remains the same – its brilliant. Granted that picking your colleagues brains every now and then (thank you Jatin) is considered collaboration too but lets focus on the synergy of different products, different mindsets – the synergy of diversity.

Nearly every new idea is a synthesis of other ideas. Look around yourself. Go on, do it now. The amount of ‘creations’ you will see around you that are simply the offspring of existing products will never cease to amaze you.

Someone did put a clock and a bell together to create the alarm clock didn’t they?

A lot of us might like to use the term ‘rip off’ or something along those (inane) lines. But, lets be honest, its absolutely genius. And we, at PurpleGlo, have embraced this ingenuity.

Who would’ve thought an energy drink and a camera could collaborate, and then along came Red Bull Stratos ..

We take inspiration from the pioneers of the industry and take pride in our creations .. stay tuned to find out how we bring hashtags and canvases together at the hands of event attendees.

P.S. – the next time you are staring at your laptop, wracking your brains for ideas, remember that someone decided to put a monitor, cpu and a mouse together and your inspiration, could be staring right at you..


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