PurpleGlo Team
PurpleGlo Team

The Team

Speaking French, English and Arabic has allowed us to enter establishing markets in Lebanon, UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia with the cultural understanding needed to engage consumers from the very first initiative.

Our team of in-house developers and creatives have worked around the globe at everything from international film festivals to product launches and exclusive events. This real-world experience is exactly what provides us with the insight needed to program, design and rollout experiential marketing for any clientele.

With associates in seven countries, we can quickly respond to the needs of our clientele.

Christine Dwairi
Elie Farah
Chavan Vishak
Isran Mohammed
Janina Nagy
Mohammed Tanbir
Justine Dwairi
Nicolas Farah
Vanessa Dwairi
Anas Alabsi
Noel Akiki
Zeina Sfeir
Tanya Abi Chaker
Mahmood Atta
Atique Ahmed
Sandeep Kaur
Aqsa Islam

Our Culture

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